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Melvin's "Body Good" Cleanse is now on Special and is offered at a 20% discount. Usually $60 per day, but now $48 per day the cleanse replaces all your meals during the cleanse period. Available as a one day, three day, or five day restorative program, give your body a break from the toxins with Melvin's Cleanse. Delivered Fresh Daily!

Melvin's Juice Box has opened a second location at Dream Downtown at 355 West 16th Street at 9th Avenue. The brand new café is ideally situated between Manhattan’s bustling Meatpacking District and Chelsea. Melvin’s Juice Box at Dream Downtown is open throughout the day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and of course, juice all day long. Prominently located at the front of Dream Downtown, Melvin’s Juice Box is accessible through the hotel, as well as by its own entrance through the revolving doors on 16th Street, enabling guests to quickly and conveniently purchase take-away items or stay to dine in the café.

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Melvin Major Jr is downtown juicing legend and a 20-year veteran of New York’s fresh, organic juice scene. Melvin has garnered a cult following with his always-sunny disposition, his sense of health and vitality, and his 100% organic and incredibly tasty juices. Melvin’s recipes provide the full healing and preventative benefits of organic juice to experienced cleansers while also capturing the taste buds of novice juicers.

New York Times Dining & Wine
Juice Mixes to Renew Your Palate

"The juices here are more than just liquid multivitamins; they’re carefully constructed compositions with such intense and vivid flavors you will devour them just for the taste."

New York Magazine - Best of New York

"Juice bars are popping up all over New York City but only one spot has a juicing legend. Melvin is known in the city as 'The Juice Guy'."
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Melvin's newest product is his Body Good Cleanse, and is now available to Order Online. Available as a one day, three day, or five day program this restorative cleanse of six juices and one booster shot per day is designed to replace all your meals during the cleanse period. By giving your body a break from toxins you allow it to regenerate and rebuild while only drinking healthy organic juice. For more information visit the Cleanse Menu or learn more about cleansing at Cleanse Tips and Cleanse FAQs.